Learning How to Detect Media Activism

If you wish to remain independent of media’s emotional manipulation, you must re-learn how to read what they post.

Understand that they no longer provide their readers with all the information needed to reach their own conclusions. Media (news and social) is all about political activism, the content is curated and presented more to make you FEEL than to help you LEARN.

It’s no longer beneficial to point that out, or complain about it, what matters now is learning to live effectively in this garbage environment. That means re-learning how to read.

The Houston CBS news affiliate retweeted this. Serious tone, asking you to read and then take time to “process”. Very few ICU beds left in the Houston area, worse than ever in this pandemic. Sure, that last sentence is a comfort about surge capacity, but the primary message is that this is DEEPLY concerning.

OK, I want to verify this, and I know that SETRAC.ORG provides lots of data about Southeast Texas hospitals, and I can even filter to just Harris County.

I’ll pull up a chart for the entire duration of the covid era – March 2020 to now – just Harris County, ICU bed usage. The chart shows Covid beds in use, total beds in use, regular bed capacity, and surge bed capacity. This is the information I need in order to get a real idea of what is going on.

So, here’s what I see

  • 26.7% of ICU beds are Covid beds, that’s a lot, but it was worse in February and last August
  • Total beds in use is approaching the “operational” number, like it did at this time last year
  • ICU beds has been running close to capacity for a year, and the number of operational beds never increased
  • ICU beds are expensive to maintain in “operational” state, spare capacity is wasted money

Bottom line, yes, there is a surge in need happening, but it’s not time to really be alarmed. It’s fairly normal at this time of year, and the region and state are well able to handle it.

So no need to get emotional about that tweet, and certainly no need to retweet it or scare anyone else.

We all need to get much better at getting more information before we just react.

Media Financial Incentives Are Completely Backwards

We see it time and again, an emotional story gets lots of airtime, and then is found to be a scam. Today’s example comes from CNN.

Sympathetic single mom with 3 kids, was selling blood to buy groceries, very concerned that she was going to get evicted. Set up a GoFundMe, got CNN to put her on air, CNN ran a very sympathetic story and promoted the GoFundMe.

CNN did not investigate. They just ran the story.

A twitter rando investigated, and found the kids don’t belong to the woman, the whole thing is a scam.

CNN is now investigating, and will run a story or two about the woman being a scammer.

In the old days, CNN would investigate first rather than lend credibility to this. They didn’t want to be wrong. Now though, the economics have changed. CNN will get TWO news cycles out of this story.

In the old days, they’d spend money up front on investigation, and then kill the fake story. 100% cost, no revenue.

Now they make money by running the fake story, then spend a little money to investigate, and make more money blaming the woman (never themselves) when they report the fake story. Very little cost, 2x revenue.

They have sacrificed integrity for money, and it’s still working for them because people still pay attention to them.

The only way this ends is if we make it end. Don’t watch CNN, don’t retweet CNN. Starve them.

Prepping Advice You Need Now, Today, Begin Immediately

Been thinking about this a lot lately. Most of the prep advice you see is about buying guns and ammo, or stocking up on rice, or planting tomatoes. That’s all great, but it doesn’t help you TODAY. You can start today, with your mental prep. It’s free and is the foundation that can support all the rest of your prep efforts.

Why Do You Need to Mentally Prep?

A Christian group gathered in a park to worship and pray. Antifa attacked them. Their response was good, could have been better, you MUST be prepared. Go read, watch the video, then come back


(really, go to that site, I want Andy Ngo to get the traffic)

The Antifa goons were cruel, they attacked kids, they did things you don’t expect people to do. This only gets worse.

We will not win against Antifa by fighting against them

They have funding, organization, training, supplies, all sorts of things you don’t have and do not want to obtain. We will not win a war on their terms. We have to change the terms.

Your PREP must be inside you

It can’t be an object you depend on having, or a resource you depend on being able to call. You have to be prepared to respond effectively with only what you are, what you believe, and what you know.

Memorize Something

I have memorized The Lord’s Prayer and The Apostle’s Creed. High likelihood that whoever I am with will also know these things and be able to join in. They’re both short, serve different purposes. Onward Christian Soldiers is also a good option.

Arguing is worse than pointless

Don’t even bother. It doesn’t matter what they say. Doesn’t matter what they call you or what they accuse you of. You don’t need to even listen to them.

When they come at you, screeching their filth, just begin to recite the things you have memorized. Repeat over and over again. Only those words, nothing else.

Pray, Chant, Proclaim Your Belief, Sing

You won’t be talking back to them, you will be communicating – with God, with the crowd, with posterity who will watch what is sure to be filmed.

There is a chance that some in the crowd will fade away, move on to more interesting targets. There is a chance that some might feel embarrassed.

Regardless, you will be connected to those who came with you, you are chanting and operating as one. You have become righteous and formidable.

They will probably still attack you physically.

What do you do?

While still chanting:

  • Get your back against a wall if you are alone,
  • It there are two of you, stand back to back.
  • If there are three or more, get into a circle facing out, backs together, children in the center, protected.
  • Do not run.
  • Hold your signs, hold your flags – or pass them to the folks in the center and have THEM hold the signs and flags
  • Chant, pray, sing
  • Take the hits.
  • Stay in that circle, don’t break off.
  • Chant, pray, sing
  • Take the hits.

Your protected people in the inner part of your defensive circle will be filming, the bad guys will be filming. You will be praying, singing, chanting, and taking the hits.

You will win the PR battle, you will have shown that YOUR cause is righteous, and that you are the good guys.

Be prepared. Prepare mentally now. And when you show up to protest anything, anywhere, communicate this plan with the 2 or 3 people nearest to you, they’ll do the same. That’s all the organizing you need. It’s all the organizing our side will ever do, but we MUST do it.

Wherever you are, be prepared, have your prayers and chants memorized, practice them. Be ready to form up in a defensive way.

This crowd in Portland did a lot better than what we’ve seen – they prayed, they didn’t fight back. But they separated, they let Antifa put them into disarray. They scattered and ran.

We have to get better.


The importance of TIME SCALE on charts.

My county commissioner shared these two charts. Clearly our hospital capacity is FINE, but the trend is a bit alarming. More than a bit.

General Bed Usage 3/18/2021 to 8/3/2021
ICU Bed Usage 3/18/2021 to 8/3/2021

Then I decided to create those same charts for a full year, to see if there is a cyclical nature to this.

General Bed Usage 8/3/2020 to 8/3/2021
Hospital/COVID Census year over year (ICU Bed Usage no data)

Yes, of course there is. Nature is what it is, and even operates on engineered viruses. So…there is a trend, it deserves watching, it does not deserve panic.

Panic helps no one – other than advertising and click dependent idiots. Don’t support them.

Daily Defiance: Shopping without a mask

We all need to PRACTICE being defiant of a government/corporate alliance that is out of control. Wandering around in public without a mask is a tiny step, but it’s important. Important for me to get used to it. Important for others to see people out and about without masks.

I suggest you all do this, go to a few shops per day (don’t have to buy anything, it’s the wandering around that matters). Make sure people see you. Do not take pictures, this isn’t about your social media performance. If you post about your experience, do not link the stores you go to, this is not about getting their attention. This isn’t about online attention at all.

It’s about¬†meatspace attention. You are providing other people with evidence that it’s possible to defy, that they can do it, too.

Day 1: Wandered around Michael’s, Bath & Body Works, and Petco.
None of the stores had signs requesting masks, about half of the other shoppers were voluntarily wearing masks. This is the right way – they’re concerned, so they take steps on their own initiative to allay their fears. That’s personal responsibility.

Day 2: SuperKroger and Hobby Lobby
Way more masks at Kroger than Hobby Lobby. I STILL felt uncomfortable walking in to Kroger past the ‘masks required’ signs. There were a few looks, I ignored them. I’m seeing that it’s more important for me to do the harder thing – defy a sign. Important for me, and important for others.

Day 3: Home Depot and Walgreens

Day 4: Kroger

Day 5: Home Depot, Food Town, Kroger



Republicans need to learn from Democrats, if they are interested in actually being relevant rather than just funded. (I’m not sure they are, though).

For example – Harris County. For YEARS the GOP happily conceded the city of Houston to Democrats, confident that they controlled the county, via the unincorporated suburbs, and the balance of power was safe.

Then Lina Hidalgo won the race for county judge, as did ALL county-wide Democrats.

They have now created an Elections Administrator and a County Administrator. Unelected bureaucratic organizations that take the money and control away from elected officials, and will be staffed by reliable leftists.

Harris County will never be controlled by the GOP again.

The Democrats know how to capitalize on victory and create winning structures to change the culture. They have a positive vision of the world and set about to create it.

The GOP just continues to say no, and be the opposition.

Defense / opposition will NEVER win. It can, at best, only ever delay losing.

This is why “no 1619 project” “no CRT” are ultimately ineffective. The only solution will be “teach the 1776 project, here is the curriculum”.

You only win if you have SOMETHING to win.

Source: Facebook

Learn How To Read News Headlines

The headline:

India has 3rd highest COVID-19 death toll in world

May be an image of text that says 'CORONAVIRUS India has 3rd highest COVID-19 death toll in world'

Scary! OMG! That’s awful!

News media wants you to react, and leave it at that, be scared, feel things. Don’t stop and think, just feel. And then…share and promote the story so that they make more money.

Be subversive. Use your brain.

Realize that India has a huge population, so they’ll be at the top of any chart of any global topic if you’re just looking at numbers. Realize that US, Brazil, and China will also be at the top. Realize that China lies so their numbers don’t matter. Realize you need to compare India, US, and Brazil and the ROW using numbers that are normalized by population. Total numbers don’t make sense.

Go to http://91-divoc.com/pages/covid-visualization/ to find the visualization you want.

Total numbers – YES! The US is second only to the European Union! OMG!!!!
No photo description available.

Find that when normalizing by population, Brazil is in the middle of the pack, the US is on the low end of the main group, and India is way off at the bottom.

May be an image of text that says 'Apr May Jun1 Deaths from COVID-19, normalized by population Oct1 Jul1 Aug Sep Nov 250 Dec Jan1 Feb1 Mar1 Apr1 May 23 200 Hungary 150- Herzegovi 100- Brazil 50- United States -420 -406 -392 -378 364 350 336 -322 -308 280 266 -252 -238 -224 -210 -196 -182 168 -154 -140 Data: Johns Hopkins India Number of days ago 70 CCI: Updated: sualization: -Divoc.com/ APprorwade'

So…the only thing to really take away is that India’s reporting systems are likely very different, so comparisons kind of don’t even make sense at this point.

And THAT is how to read headlines.

Never Assume Others Know What You Know

Always be ready to inform and teach as you chit chat.

Was chatting with a known conservative friend, who keeps up with current events and politics. The conversation turned to the new Texas Constitutional Carry law.

She is a gun owner, has her carry permit.

She expressed concern about Texans being able to now carry guns without any training or licensing requirement. Was concerned it might be kind of crazy.

I let her know that Texas is the 20th state in the nation to have this law.

She had no idea. Local news certainly never makes that point. Never informs their viewers. It changed her entire outlook on it. She no longer has concern.

It’s possible she will, at some point in the future, be able to share this surprising information with others.

ALWAYS be prepared to teach and inform those with whom you are talking, in every context. Never assume that others know what you know.

Windows File Explorer Preview tweak

Want windows file explorer to preview a file’s text content, but the file doesn’t have a .txt extension? A quick REGEDIT tweak can make file explorer treat almost any file as if it’s a text file.

Super handy when you just want to quickly check out a log file or a markdown file without opening up Notepad++ or Zettlr.

It’s also handy to get a quick glance at a GEDCOM without opening Family Historian.

You get the point.

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\ then look for the file extension you wish to set up as “like a text file” for file explorer preview.

Create a key PerceivedType and set text as the data.

It’s that easy. Now you can see the plain text content of all .md files.

Our National Anthem is a Question, We Answer That Question by Standing

The American National anthem is a strange thing, it’s not at all like the anthems of other nations. No talk of a Queen reigning o’er us, not a call to arms, or unifying pledge of unity. It’s not cheering a prior victory or rallying for a future one. It’s a question.

When we hear the anthem, we are asking one another that question.

Does that banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The flag is still there, yes, but are We the People still free and brave? Seeing the flag still waving gave Francis Scott Key hope, but he was still unsure.

Is the flag waving over a defeated battlefield, left there by the last dying man and not yet torn down by the victor, or are there true Americans left living, left to stand up?

We answer that question in the affirmative by standing tall, with our hands over our hearts and our eyes fixed on Old Glory.

I stand, to proclaim



And if I am the only one left who is willing and able to still stand for that flag, I will do so.

I stand to answer YES.